What is Disease and why do we get it?

We all want to have a healthy lifestyle to get a fit and disease-free body.

To keep our body disease-free, we should first understand,

what is a disease?

how do we get it? and

how can we get well?

  • What is Disease?

As a name suggest Dis-ease means not at ease, that means we are not in comfort. We are in discomfort, it applies to both, our mind and body. We can say our body is a mirror of our mind or our body is a reflection of our mind. Here we are talking about psychosomatic diseases.

  • Types of Diseases?

There are 2 types of diseases, somatic and psychosomatic diseases. Somatic means trauma directly to the body.  Here we get injured by radiations, mechanical injuries, chemical exposure, toxins, nutritional deficiency etc….

As mentioned above psychosomatic diseases are the reflection or the effect of mental discomfort on the body. That can be seen in the form of some functional or structural changes.

  • What is Adaptation?

Nature has made us very intelligent and powerful by giving the quality of adaptation. Adaptation is an alteration in the structure or function of an organism or any of its part by which the organism becomes better fitted to survive.

As I said our body is very intelligent to make needful changes as a survival phenomenon. So we should understand that signs and symptoms we are getting are actually a defence of our body for better survival.

Now we know the body is a reflection of our mind. So the defence of the body will also depend on our mental state that is our thought process, emotions or feelings.

When our emotions are not in balance or you can say when you are feeling uncomfortable either intensely or continuously there will be an imbalance in the body too. Due to this imbalance, there are some unwanted changes that happen in the body. And to repair that changes body goes into the defence mode.

  • Defence mode

There are different types of defence mode which the body can use, depends upon our emotional state. The discomfort we feel at the mental level is due to either oversensitivity, insecurity or because of some destructive emotions. Depending upon our mental reactions to the event, the body will give the defence reactions which we called as a disease.

Eg if we are having a gastric problem it can be in the form of gastritis, constipation or gastric ulcer.

The body will try to adapt to the effect of the mental reaction by making some changes in the cells to repair it. It can be in the form of swelling or compromising the cells for survival.

  • When should we take medical help?

We should understand that whatever changes happening in our body is a repair or defence process. It will take its own time.

And if we do not get anxious or panic, the repair will be fast.

But when this repair process causes intense discomfort, we need to take medical help for relief.

  • Homoeopathy – The best solution for any disease

Homoeopathy can be the best solution for any disease.

As it is the only pathy which corrects the imbalance and brings back the state of wellbeing.

Homoeopathy does not only relieve the symptoms but it can also reverse the disease state to the balance state of your health.


  • Now we know that most of the time we are suffering from psychosomatic diseases.
  • Psychosomatic diseases originate from our mind and make some unwanted changes in the body.
  • Depending upon our defence mode, the body throws out some sign and symptoms which we called as a disease.
  • With the help of homoeopathic medicine, we can get back to our normal health.

Let’s us learn about the viral diseases in our next article.

About Auther:

I am Dr. Sangita Daithankar, Homoeopathic consultant and Nutritionist practicing for 16 years. I believe if we follow some healthy habits in our routine, we can get a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means healthy mind and body. If we have a healthy lifestyle, we can prevent and control all kind of lifestyle diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, cancer and many more...... To have a healthy lifestyle we should have some knowledge about it. I would be very happy to share knowledge to have a healthy lifestyle. Your reviews about the blogs are very important for me to share a good quality knowledge with you. So let's follow the things which will give us a healthy lifestyle.

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