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Marriage is a relationship or union between two individuals who would like to spend their life with each other.
We see so many issues in many marriage relationships. Partners realises after marriage that they are not compatible to each other. In this case they are not getting fulfilled their need, and so, they are always discontented. The only option they can see is a divorce, and in case where children are involved, divorce is a very painful process for all family members. If partners are not getting divorce for the sake of children or society, then they are staying in unhappy relationship and this is directly affecting their mental and physical wellbeing.
Good relationship is where both the partner inspires each other In their spiritual and intellectual growth and get emotional and physical stability.
To achieve this level compatibility between two partner is very important. Compatibility in the sense of spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical.
If both the partner were compatible at all the level, it will be ideal relationship. So, to assess the compatibility we understand the personality of each and guide them about their level of compatibility.
Even though they are not ideal couple, we counsel them about the efforts they can put to fulfil each other’s needs.
We also help them with any behavioural issues like anger issues, confidence issues with the help of counselling and also with homoeopathic treatment.
This is the initiation taken at the sake of well being of an individual and the society. So, we can reduce the cases of divorce and avoid its consequences. It will help to maintain the mental and physical well being of not only the individual but also people related to him.
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What Our Clients Say

malhar bageshwarmalhar bageshwar
14:23 11 Jun 20
Great doctor, simplifies and explains the medical terms for common people easily. One of the friendliest doctors I've ever come across, is very considerate of the patients schedule and gives appropriate treatment which is best compatible to the patient. Gives proper treatment and also further advice to be followed after treatment/medication ends to ensure good health.
Yamini PatilYamini Patil
07:07 11 Jun 20
I would like to begin with a big Thank you to Doctor Sangita Daithankar. It is definitely for her compassionate support at all times especially when it is really needed. Her experience, patience and confidence creates all the magic alongwith the sweet pills.. She takes the best possible care of her patients at any time of the day. She is truly the best doctor to heal oneself alongwith classical homeopath.
Shravani ShindeShravani Shinde
14:54 10 Jun 20
Dr. Sangita Daithankar is very good homyopathy doctor she is very calm person she listens and understands to every problem of patients very patiently . She is a knowledgeable doctor very honest about her work and 50 percent of patients heals by her positive attitude and confidence and 50 percent by her medicines. She is always available for her patients. My family have been consulting her since 3 years. The experience was great journey was amazing and the results are best . Thanku Dr. Sangita for ur support and ur guidance
Nisha BordeNisha Borde
03:57 11 Oct 19
Dr Sangita is a very good doctor, listens to the problems very patiently and the patient heals by almost 50 percent with her positive attitude and the rest 50 percent with the medicine she gives. Have been consulting her since last 15 years and very happy with the way she has treated me.
Sameet BordeSameet Borde
10:38 02 Sep 19
Dr. Sangita Daithankar is a very good Homeopath and above that she is a very nice and calm Human Being.She has an impeccable ability to find the root cause of the problem ( by understanding your health problems, emotional feelings and your thought processing ), which I believe is the most important part of the treatment. After that you just have to take the medicine as instructed.She knows exactly the cycle/process of the problem.If we follow her instructions and keep patience then because of her knowledge and experience the magic of her medicine removes the problem without any side effects.If you follow her expert nutritional advice you can maintain your body in a much healthy way in this everyday home - travel - workplace - travel - back to home lifestyle.She is one of the finest Doctors I have seen.

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