Homoeopathy and Stress related diseases

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We all know the main cause of lifestyle diseases is stress and so 90% of the health issues are psychosomatic.

That means to treat any ailment we should focus on treating stress. Rather than concentrating its expressions, which we call a disease. 

Disease means we are not at ease. It starts purely at mental level and gives its expression on physical level in the form of symptoms.

The involvement of the organ to show the expression of our ‘not at ease state’ depends upon our thought process.  Eg if we get difficulty in walking ahead due to knee joint pain. This means the same feeling should be present at your mind level in the form of anxiety or fear about the future. This feeling is giving you the thoughts about, how I will go ahead in future? What I will do in future? You may feel an obstacle to go ahead in future. 

So in this case taking pain killers for knee joint pain is not a permanent solution. To get the permanent solution, we should remove the causation and that is your anxiety about the future.

Homoeopathy works on the causation than the expression and that’s why it gives us ‘Cure’. If we understand this, we should start taking treatment, when our thought process start loosing control. And we get lots of negative emotions e.g. uncontrollable or frequent Anger on small things, hatred, offended feeling, suspiciousness, revengeful/ destructive thoughts etc…..

Homeopathy works on individuality. One medicine for each personality, so it takes care of all different ailments of different systems at once. It treats a person which take care of his mind and body as a whole. All systems of body and all organs of each system. so, it can help to treat diseases like cold to cancer.

Homeopathic doctor always consider the theory of mind and body connection. Since the stress is the main cause of the disease, homoeopathic medicines remove the root cause and bring a patient back to his healthy state. .

I will list some symptoms and their medicine for better understanding.

Pain in head anger from – Nux vom, staph

Sleeplessness grief from – Ign, kali brom, Nat mur

Abortion, fright from – Aco, Gels, Ign, Opium

Other factors which can also help in relieving our stress level are,

Physical activity

Balance, healthy diet

Proper hydration and 

Adequate sleep 

Note – If you are taking Homoeopathic medicine, always take it from Homoeopathic doctor after giving a detailed history.




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