Healthy lifestyle – Why it is important?

I am working as a Homoeopathic doctor and nutritionist, I have seen patients with the same disease with different effects. E.g. Different Patients with typhoid have different prognosis. Some may get recover very fast; some may not recover and may succumb to typhoid.

Everyone knows it’s because of their immunity, but how immunity differs for each of them?

It differs due to their level of health and here, lifestyle plays a very important role.

We all know “prevention is better than cure”, so for the prevention, we should work on having a “healthy lifestyle”.

Healthy lifestyle – Why it is important?

When we take efforts to keep our lifestyle healthy,

  • We are increasing our level of health and by doing that we are preventing or minimizing the effects of diseases.
  • Ensuring the quality of our life.
  • Enjoying our life by being independent until we are alive.
  • We can also enjoy the surrounding, each and every aspect of our life.

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We need to work on some factors which affect our lifestyle. They are,

  1.  Stress   Stress – How it affects our lifestyle?
  2.  Physical activities  What happens in your body when you do physical activity?
  3.  Diet  Why a healthy diet is important?
  4.  Water intake Effects and benefits of water
  5.  Sleep  Sleep – The most neglected factor of healthy lifestyle

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We can work on these factors by adding some healthy habits in our routine. Adding all habits together in our routine is a little difficult, so we can start with 2-3 habits and once we get habituate with these we can add one by one. Like, some relaxing activities for the stress or pursuing your hobbies like reading, painting, dancing, etc……or some physical activities like walk, sports, etc….

Once you get habituate with maximum healthy habits, you are going to have a healthy lifestyle and so you can increase your level of health.

We will learn more about it in my next article.


About Auther:

I am Dr. Sangita Daithankar, Homoeopathic consultant and Nutritionist practicing for 16 years. I believe if we follow some healthy habits in our routine, we can get a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means healthy mind and body. If we have a healthy lifestyle, we can prevent and control all kind of lifestyle diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, cancer and many more...... To have a healthy lifestyle we should have some knowledge about it. I would be very happy to share knowledge to have a healthy lifestyle. Your reviews about the blogs are very important for me to share a good quality knowledge with you. So let's follow the things which will give us a healthy lifestyle.

22 thoughts on “Healthy lifestyle – Why it is important?

  1. Very true Dr.Sangita Daithankar. Thanks for pronouncing stress as no.1 factor, as today’s urban life has many facets of stress of which individuals are not aware & refuse to accept it as a factor. Travelling by bus/train is itself stressful.
    Madam, you have also included ‘sleep’ as a factor. Most of the Mumbaikar do not get more than 6 hours sleep.
    Thanks for informative article.

  2. Very very good written by you & thanks for sharing us . Wr are proudly waiting your next technically knowledge base information for our healthy lifestyle.

  3. Mam you have hit the bulls eye all the point mentioned by your kind self has pushed us to our limits and its time to get up n reorganize our selfs n lead a healthy happy life thanks

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